QUID Objectives
1. To favour the methodological and technological upskilling of European teachers from the 6 partner countries (Italy,Spain, Poland, Turkey,  Portugal, and Malta) to conceive, design and deliver integrated digital  teaching paths and to increase personal empowerment for a motivated and conscious evolution of educators towards the role of Educational Innovation Advisor
2. To increase and maintain over time an articulated set of distinctive and emerging skills  of a didactic, digital and design nature of the Teacher 4.0
3. To encourage the systematic adoption of technical methods and tools of an inclusive,  integrated digital didactic approach by developing and disseminating a  Toolkit to inspire and guide the work of future Educational Innovation  Advisors
4. To generate a process of sharing and didactic uniformity in didactic and  methodological approaches in a pool of partnership teachers, involved in a LTTA, on  Instructional design and edutainment to construct an inclusive integrated digital  didactic palimpsest for classes of students from different disciplinary fields
5. To establish lasting agreements and synergies between schools, methodological and  technological innovation training poles and public bodies to adopt the train-the-trainer  framework developed by the project and support sustainability and the pursuit of  excellence in the development of learning and teaching.