The online meeting of our The QUID: Quality, Inclusion & Digitalisation project was held. At the meeting, each partner country will form a focus group and organize a training program in schools in their own countries. The aim of the training program is to analyze learning methods, motivations and skills for teachers and students during the COVID 19 pandemic.

The monthly online meeting of the QUID Quality, Inclusion & Digitalisation project, funded within the scope of Erasmus+ KA220 Strategic Partnerships for School and initiated under the coordination of Italy, was held with the participation of partner countries. The topic of the meeting was the conduct of the student and teacher focus groups surveys and the process of writing the first reports. In addition, the preparation process of the face-to-face meeting to be held in Warsaw, Poland was discussed. The day and time has been given for the next online meeting. The project is progressing successfully with the participation of partners.

Within the scope of the QUID project, the Project meeting was held between 29-30 June 2022 in Warsaw, Poland, hosted by Montesori High School, with the participation of the project partners. At the meeting,
• present the first results of the PR1 with the validation of the train-the-trainer program,
• launch of PR2 “OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES FOR DIGITAL UPSKILLING”: definition of the working method and tools,
• discuss the first auditing activities (verification and planning) and quality monitoring,
• Verify the progress of dissemination activities, topics were discussed.

We held the monthly meeting of our QUID project online. Online lesson design Modules were discussed with the contributions of the project partners. The day has been set for the next meeting. The project continues at full speed. Follow us…


QUID second face-to-face meeting in Malta
QUID second face-to-face meeting in Malta

It is now very easy to reach our QUID project website. Thanks to the QR Code prepared by our Portuguese partner, you will be able to access the project website with a code. Would you like to try it?

In order to increase the visibility of our project locally and internationally, it is promoted in every field. Finally, the developments of our project from the beginning to today are included in the Ankara City Newspaper. Please click the link for the news in the newspaper.

PROJECT EXPANSION WORKS CONTINUE FAST... Our project is featured in the national press. Newspapers were distributed to our schools so that the effects of the project could reach many educators.

We held our online meeting for the Learning, Teaching and Training Activitiy programme for teachers, which will be held in Madrid, Spain between 22-26 May 2023, hosted by our ECO Digital Learning partner of our QUID project. During the meeting, the training programme to be held was discussed and the preparation processes were evaluated.

First day of QUID LTTA in Madrid started with success. Teachers from Italy, Malta, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and also online gathered for an intensive training week on the inclusion of digital tools in the world of education. The variety of backgrounds of the participants created a stimulating multicultural environment to share innovative ideas and experiences.

Second training day at UNED – Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, during the LTTA in Madrid organized within the QUID Project . All participants will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and group work focused on immersive learning and the creation of educational and educational video pills. This day offers an educational and engaging experience, promoting sustainable education and allowing participants to acquire new skills, share experiences and create meaningful connections with other participants.

Today is the third day of training dedicated to “Innovative teaching methodologies and effects on learning processes: Movie Education & examples of practical application in training courses” presented by Conform – Consulenza Formazione Management. Also participating in the presentation by Agrupamento de Escolas D.Dinis focused on the “Construction of the game-based, didactic flow”.
We are excited to be part of the QUID Project and to learn new innovative teaching methodologies. We will continue to share our experiences and promote the practical application of these new methodologies in our field.

QUID Project 4th day!
We watched “Motion Graphics & 2D” animation presentations by Mamak District Directorate of National Education and Ortaköy Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Teams.
Endless creative possibilities of this technique!
Engaging training workshop on “Inclusive and accessible learning, design and assessment”. It will be a unique opportunity to develop skills to make learning accessible to all students. Let’s combine our minds and ideas to create a meaningful and innovative project.
Stay tuned for more updates and exciting moments!

Grateful and inspired after an incredible week during the training week here in Madrid. It was an enriching experience together with educators from various countries to explore innovative teaching methodologies for the 21st century. From immersive learning to game-based instructional flows, we’ve delved into exciting topics that will revolutionize our classrooms. The teamwork was outstanding and each presentation showcased the dedication and creativity of our attendees. Thanks to everyone involved in the QUID Project and for making this event a success. We thank Vicente Montiel Molina for the hospitality.
We look forward to implementing what we’ve learned and creating a more innovative future for our students.

Today we are having the QUID Project Transnational Meeting on Madrid, at UNED Faculty of Computer Science.
Partners from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Poland and Turkey are sharing the job done and planning the final actions of the project.

We held the 4th meeting of our QUID project in Madrid hosted by ECO.

The introductory meetings of the “QUALITY PARTICIPATION AND DIGITALIZATION” online Course Program consisting of 5 modules of the QUID: Quality, Participation and Digitalization Project have started.

OUR QUID PROJECT was featured in a newsletter issued specifically for the 24th Anniversary of Warsaw Montessori High School.

The monthly meeting of our QUID project was held online. The status of the participants in the digital course, which is the output of our project, was discussed. The pilot implementation in each country was discussed. Our project is taking firm steps forward. Follow us.

The monthly meeting of our QUID project was held online. We are approaching the end of our project. For this purpose, in this meeting each partner will organise a project multiplier event. The multiplier event was discussed on the plans of each partner. Also, the pilot implementation in each country was discussed.Our project is taking firm steps forward. Follow us.

We held our project’s regular monthly meeting online. At the meeting, project partners’ pilot implementation studies and multiple events were discussed. In addition, planning was made for the closing meeting of the project to be held in Salerno, Italy. We are approaching the end of our project with very valuable gains…